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Digital medium format vs 35mm full frame on ephotozine

There’s an interesting comparison of the Pentax 645D (digital cropped medium format) and Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III (high end 35mm full frame) on ephotozine today. It’s no particular surprise that the larger sensored Pentax seems to have a slight edge on image quality whereas the smaller Canon wins on handling but the similarities and [...]
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International Space Station and partial eclipse

An impressive image, made all the more impressive when you realise that the International Space Station takes less than a second to cross the sun…

New York Dusk Timelapse

I thought this time lapse of New York was well worth a share, particularly for the few seconds of dusk between 1:31 and 1:44. Anyone who’s every photographed twilight landscapes (urban or otherwise) will recognise the magic of that time when the brightness of the fading sunlight and weaker light sources starts to balance and [...]
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