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Arduino based camera control

I’ve been tinkering over the last couple of weeks with a prototype programmable camera controller based around the Arduino system. If you haven’t come across it before, Arduino is a flexible, open source electronics prototyping platform which is well documented and relatively easy to get started with, making it a solid base for this kind [...]
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Living in the sun app screenshot

Android Apps for Landscape Photography

There’s a huge and ever expanding range of Androidâ„¢ mobile phone apps for photographers these days, from photography album organisers to basic editing and special effects. When it comes to what’s useful out in the field though, sometimes it’s the simpler apps or even those which aren’t aimed specifically at photographers that I turn to [...]
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Digital medium format vs 35mm full frame on ephotozine

There’s an interesting comparison of the Pentax 645D (digital cropped medium format) and Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III (high end 35mm full frame) on ephotozine today. It’s no particular surprise that the larger sensored Pentax seems to have a slight edge on image quality whereas the smaller Canon wins on handling but the similarities and [...]
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