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Balance light trails, ambient and flash for creative action shots

With the clocks changing last weekend and the autumn nights drawing in, now seemed a good time to describe a technique for balancing light trails, ambient light and flash to create some eye catching action shots. Balancing three very different light sources in one image might sound like a near impossible task, with many variables [...]
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Night Photography in Digital SLR Photography Magazine

I was interviewed a couple of weeks back for part of the Photo Expert section in Digital SLR Photography Magazine which covers several different aspects of Night Photography. The overall article’s well worth a read, pulling together different techniques and tips (of which my input is just one small part). The overall advice includes shooting [...]
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Old Gang Mill at Night

I was at Old Gang Smelt Mill in Swaledale earlier this week for my first low light landscapes of the season. Just for a bit of fun, I recorded this little bit of timelapse video too as the daylight faded and the moon rose over the valley. The stills in the video are my favourite [...]
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Metering for low light landscapes

With the late summer nights starting to draw in, my thoughts are turning to planning my first night time photography trips of the autumn season. With that in mind, now seems a good time to describe a technique I use for metering ambient light for low light landscapes and getting the overall exposure just right. [...]
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