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Yorkshire Dales Timelapse – First Clips

I’m now a couple of months into what’s going to be an ongoing Yorkshire Dales Timelapse photography project. These clips are a few first draft edits from winter in Upper Swaledale. There’s something about photographing landscapes that really puts you in touch with the way light and the landscape work together, and timelapse literally ads [...]
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Metering for low light landscapes

With the late summer nights starting to draw in, my thoughts are turning to planning my first night time photography trips of the autumn season. With that in mind, now seems a good time to describe a technique I use for metering ambient light for low light landscapes and getting the overall exposure just right. [...]
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Snow along the Tees at Darlington

I stayed local yesterday and covered a few miles on foot in and around Darlington. Snow showers continued to fall throughout the afternoon but the Tees between Blackwell and Broken Scar turned out to be particularly picturesque, with just a few autumn leaves hanging on to the oak trees and the snow laden clouds illuminated [...]
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